a screen door slapping shut, perpetual sand on the floors, mismatched mugs of coffee as the sunrise falls across the lake, the squeak of beach grass beneath your toes, the smell of the water changing with the day...


LeelaNau clothing offers nostalgic, feminine designs,
impeccably sewn in custom prints and natural textileS.

Responsibly designed and manufactured in the usa. 



We focus on reducing our carbon footprint with every step. Designed and manufactured in the USA, Leelanau Clothing utilizes GOTS certified organic cottons, Linen, and Eco-friendly Tencel all dyed, printed and finished locally with low-impact dyes. Learn more about how we give back here.

Leelanau Clothing Dresses


Leelanau offers cultivated, feminine designs that evoke the sublime feeling of a dock-side lifestyle.

Each collection is designed with a breeze off the water and onto our shoulders. We hope you will feel the ease and confidence that comes with wearing Leelanau.

Leelanau Linen Clothes


Each garment goes through numerous fit and wear tests before launching into production. We measure and fit each size on many body types to ensure that the give and ease of each style will make you happy.